OMG! My Beauty Box In Collaboration with L'OCCITANE To Celebrate Women Empowerment!

OMG! My Beauty Box In Collaboration with L'OCCITANE To Celebrate Women Empowerment!

4 years ago my life looked very different from the way it looks now 😣

I was going through a very difficult path of my life, my confidence was low and I felt totally unsure about my abilities to create a life I desire 😐

But there was something that helped me to believe in myself again.

I stayed up late reading & listening podcasts about driven, amazing, hard-working women who went for their dreams full speed and never looked back 💪

Book after book, podcast after podcast, my confidence was coming back and my ambition was growing.

I started to dream about a place where women support each other and motivate each other when they start lacking belief in themselves. Where the different type of relationship is created - the one based on a desire to uplift each other and celebrate sisterhood 💛

And so, my women's community She Is Glowing was born. Little did I know that soon after little dream of mine will unite over 20 000 women, will get featured in major press channels and I will get to collaborate with some of the most amazing brands 😍

And so, I am very happy and proud to announce my collaboration with a wonderful L'OCCITANE en Provence. They believed in this idea from Day One and so, my Beauty Box was born to celebrate women union and friendship! 💛😍

I am so glad that such an amazing brand believes in the message I want to send to the world 💛 Thank you so much L'OCCITANE en Provence for this amazing collaboration which is a great proof how far we can go when we chose to believe in ourselves! ;)

My beauty boxes available in two sizes and you can check them out here -…