How To Find Your Ideal Clients Who Want To Work With You


So, you've finally decided to start your business and have your website and service page set up. 

 You even pulled yourself together and created an Instagram account where you're posting weekly to let people know that you're in business! 

 And after all this trouble, you finally have people coming to you and wanting to hire you. 

 That's great, isn't it?!

 But somehow, it just doesn't quite feel right...

 You don't feel passionate about working with your clients, and you seem to struggle to perform your best... 

 And you keep being disappointed as those clients either ask for discounts or never come back for more.

 Does this sound familiar to you? 

 I know it does. I work with many women who struggle to find their dream clients. 

 So in today's post, I wanted to give you my tips on how to finally start attracting your dream clients who wish to work with you for YOU

 Let's not waste any more time and jump right in!


4 Steps You Need To Take To Start Attracting Your Ideal Clients


Yes, only in 4 steps you can create a perfect environment where your ideal customers will be coming to you, and you'll be booked months in advance:


Step #1: Get Clear About Who You Want To Work With


Now, the very first step in finding your ideal clients is getting clear on who are those dream clients.

 Seems pretty straightforward, right?

 But somehow, when it comes to getting clarity of who we want to work with, we seem to struggle a lot and then end up working with people we don't want to work.

 And it's all because it's not as simple to find clarity and say "no" to people who don't fit inside your ideal client frame. 

 Then your first step will be to sit down with a pen and a notebook and create your Ideal Customer Avatar

 You'll need to do some research, competitor analysis, and then work your imagination, but it will be worth it in the end. 

 Having this Ideal Customer Avatar will make it very clear for you and for everyone else who you want to work with. 

 I have great news for you:

 If you're not sure how to create your Ideal Customer Avatar and it's been driving you mad, I have a fresh new workbook that will show you how to create it. 

 It has my personal Ideal Customer Avatar, and it outlines each step on how to create yours. 

 It's free, so if you want to get clear on who are your ideal clients, I recommend you download it here


Step #2: Get In Front Of Your Ideal Customers


Your next step in finding your ideal clients is to hang out in places where they hangout. 

 Show up in front of them and show your expertise in your niche or industry. 

 Get your ass on whichever platform your ideal client uses! And start creating content for that platform and those clients. 

 Not whoever stumbled upon your website randomly...

 Only when you put yourself in the right place, you'll start seeing better results with your business. 

 Also, don't forget to strategically showcase your expertise so that those people know they can come to you for help. 

 I know that it's very tempting to post about your kids and your favorite dog, but that's why there are dedicated pages and websites for animal lovers. 

 Your ideal client might not be interested in seeing that, but they will be interested in seeing what you do and how you can help them. 


Step #3: Build And Nurture Relationships With Them 


Now that you are clear about who you're talking to and you are at the right place to meet them, it's time to start building relationships

 Every business needs a sale, multiple sales to be successful, and there is so much more you need to do if you want your ideal clients to buy from you. 

 I hope that you've started creating useful content showcasing your expertise already. That's an excellent place to start. 

 You can also do lives on Instagram and Facebook or organize free webinars for your audience where they can ask you questions live. 

 Another great way is to communicate with them on social. So, when someone sends you a DM or leaves you a comment, make it your business to reply. 

 Your ideal customers will feel like you care about them, and it will build trust. 

 Another great tool is an email list. It's often a tip of your sales funnel but many experts say that people on your email list convert better than anywhere else. 

 Sending occasional emails with useful tips and advice will be more than enough to build those relationships and trust between your ideal client and you. 


Step #4: Present The Offer They Can't Resist


And now the very last step in attracting your ideal clients would be to present them with the offer they can't resist. 

 Let me tell you how you can do that:

 Now that you know your Ideal Customer Avatar, you know exactly who you're talking to, right?

 You know what they like, what type of person they are, and you know their struggles

 Because you know all these things, it's very easy for you to look at your existing offers and adjust them or create new ones that help your ideal clients with their struggles. 

 Before you were clear who your ideal client was, you had offers who served the generic audience, right?

 Your offers were helpful, but they were not aimed at anyone specific, so why would your ideal client choose you over someone else in your industry?

But now that you know very well the person who is struggling and why they're struggling, you can use this information to create an offer that's perfect for that person.

 You can tailor your offer to the smallest details to appeal to your ideal client. 

 Starting from the branding, presentation, language, and the story and ending with pricing and the promise of your offer. 

 Once you do all that, you'll see that your ideal clients will be coming to work with you for YOU, and you won't have to deal with people who are just looking for the cheapest deal. 


Final Thoughts


You see, everything starts falling into places once you have your Ideal Customer Avatar.

 When you have to work with people you don't like and hustle working for yourself, it's a recipe for disaster. 

 You won't be showing up 100 %, doing your best job, and you'll burn out in the end.

But when you're clear and work with your ideal clients, everything seems so much more pleasant, trust me ;)

 As I've mentioned already before, if you're not sure about who your ideal client is, I recommend you download my Ideal Customer Avatar workbook, and it will help you determine who you want to work with. 

 It's totally free, you can print it out and write notes, and I'm 100 % positive it will change the game for you!