Do you envision the business you wish to create, but just don’t know how to make it happen?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ideas, strategies and information? And yet, none of it ever seems to stick for you?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back

You just need someone to see the bigger picture and help you connect the dots. And that is definitely my superpower!

Do you...

Do you...
  •  Dream about your own business but just can't make that first step?
  •  Feel stuck and anxious, even though you know you’re capable of so much more?
  • Just can't connect the dots and turn them into a clear action plan?
  • Self doubt and question your abilities to make your dream a reality?
  • Wonder how everyone else seems to successfully run their business, while you still struggle?

  • Lay awake at night worrying how to price yourself properly and what strategy to implement next?
I completely understand how you feel.
Building your dream business can bring up so many unexpected fears, doubts and feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy for women.

Together, we will uncover and clear out the blocks that are keeping you stuck. And we will create your personalised and structured roadmap to success. No more guessing, debating and experiencing paralysis by analysis.

After working together, you will not only gain total clarity, you’ll also feel more confident that ever as you continue to strive towards your big long-term goals.



  • Have a customised roadmap to success that works specifically for your business
  • Feel confident attracting and speaking to your ideal customers and clients
  • Know exactly how to effectively communicate your unique selling point
  • Have a clear social media content strategy that attracts new clients on auto-pilot
  • Create amazing results for your clients so that they continue to refer new clients to you 
  • Understand how to confidently price your offers



FLEXIBLE AGENDA -  after our initial consultation, we will pick a weekly time for us to meet online that fits around your lifestyle


OUTGOING SUPPORT - not only will you receive a weekly coaching session, you will also be able to access me any time between our sessions for additional support


LEARNING MATERIAL - I will provide you with all the material and workbooks you need in order to succeed

Please note that coaching program will be designed for your individual needs specifically and the overview below is for general reference only. After our complimentary consultation, every module will be adjusted to your needs to ensure that you get maximum results working with me.


Step One - Business Idea Validation


Let’s get crystal clear on where you are in your business right now and what is keeping you stuck.

Sometimes you’re so busy working in the business, there’s no time left to work on it. That’s where I come in and take a big bird’s eye view. Because regardless of where you are in your business building journey, it’s crucial that we first get totally clear on your current situation.

Then from there, we will create structured, tangible and measurable steps so that you can confidently strive towards where you want to be. I’m here to help you bridge the gap!

This is the phase most people miss and yet it is vital to success.We will do deep dive market research for your business and ensure that what you are building and selling is definitely something that people really want and need. Without this step, you could end up wasting so much of your valuable time on something that won't sell. This is essential as most people who are struggling to sell their services have never done any market research. So, let's validate your idea and move forward with full confidence that the world needs what you have to offer.


Step Two - Defining Niche & Ideal Customer Avatar

Let's get crystal clear on the type of client you want to attract and become their number one choice, even in a very saturated market!

Do you know specifically who you’re marketing to? Do you know exactly what she struggles with? Can you tell me exactly how you solve her problems? This is so important! Together, we will get crystal clear on the type of client you want to attract. And how to speak directly into that. This will make your ideal customers think that you’re literally reading their minds and present the exact solution they been looking for.

Finally - you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, what they want to hear & how to find them (instead of hoping that they will magically appear from nowhere).

Step Three - Your Signature Offer Creation


Now let’s build your signature program and offer. In order to have a successful business, you need to know what you’re selling, why you’re selling it and who wants to buy it.

We will get crystal clear on specifically what that is for your business and how you communicate the value of it to your ideal client.

Your offers will be clear, well priced and positioned in a way that makes your potential client instantly want to pull out their credit card!

This is what separates an average offer from one that has a waitlist of clients begging to work with you.

Step Four - Social Media That Converts

Ready to convert your social media into sales machine?

My goal is to map-out your customer’s journey and help you create content that instantly grabs your ideal customer’s attention and positions you as the answer to their problems.

No more guessing - you will have a proven formula and step-by-step plan so you know exactly how to turn your leads into paying customers that are excited to work with you.

We will get clear on the exact social media platforms that will work the best for your business. No more showing up online and creating lots of content just hoping for the best - we will make sure that what you’re posting will actually help you secure a long list of clients. 

You will have a step-by-step plan so you know exactly how to turn your leads into paying customers that are excited to work with you. This is what transforms a “hobby business” into a sales generating machine. I’m so excited to help you convert a stranger on the internet into an excited client.

Step Five - Personal Branding Secrets

Personal branding is so much more than just a pretty logo.

Actually, an authentic personal brand is what separates a successful entrepreneur who effortlessly attracts excited clients on auto-pilot from the one who constantly worries about where the next client is coming from. 

Using my five steps personal branding building methodology, you'll be able to  position yourself as a go-to expert of your field attract clients who want to work with you specifically, not anybody else!  

Step Six - Email Marketing & List Building

Learn how to grow your email list and build a true connection with your audience. 

I will walk you step by step as you choose your email marketing platform, create your first lead magnet and begin writing emails that gets your audience really excited to work with you. 

Step Seven - Content Strategy & Copywriting Secrets

Tired of hearing crickets after posting a really great content that you spent hours creating?

I know how it feels and I got some good news for you - this won't happen to you anymore!

I will teach you how to create content that instantly grabs your ideal customer’s attention and positions you as the answer to their problems. And you won't have to spend hours creating it! 

Following my content batching secrets and simple copywriting secrets, you will cut your social media creation time in half. 

Step Eight - Pricing, Finances & Contracts

Excited about your business but feeling totally overwhelmed about all the finances, contracts, business expenses and pricing your offers? 

Don't worry, I got your back - I will explain it all to you in a simple, straightforward way so that you never have to worry about admin again. 

Step Nine - Visibility & Publicity

It is time for your business to raise even higher. As we already have strong business fundamentals in place, now is time to concentrate on reaching as many people as possible. 

Think that getting featured on media platforms, such as podcasts, magazines and TV are far away of your reach? Think twice! We will get clear on how you can get your first media feature today.

Step Ten - Generating Reviews & Growing Your Tribe

My goal is not only to help you get customers, but to turn those customers into your true supporters. 

Ready to generate tons of reviews, referrals, raving clients and build a loyal community around you?

Then you are in the right place!

Book your free consultation

It is time to get clarity!

Book a 20-minute complimentary call below and we will jump a call to discuss your business and understand what exactly is keeping you stuck. Say goodbye to overwhelm & frustration! 



Working with Dovile helped me to get massive clarity on the most important things to focus on. I realised that I was trying to do 10 things at the time, and now I got very clear action steps that I believe will actually generate me real clients and income. Also, Dovile has an amazing energy. Thank you for your help!

Kristine Dzigure

I couldn’t be happier I chosen Dovile to guide me through this extraordinary, hard and messy journey of building business!

To be honest, I knew I made the right decision straight from the beginning because not only she is an expert in her field but she also is an extremely friendly, positive and genuine person. She doesn’t just talk to inspire and motive people, she is fully connected and doing the work to make it personal for you and your business.

After working Dovile, I have a clear understanding of what I want to do and most important what I HAVE TO DO to reach my full potential and goals.

Frankly, I don’t even know how she managed to do it in such a short amount of time but what I really know is that if you have an opportunity to work with a business coach, Dovile is perfect for it.

Greta Zvinklyte

Feeling overwhelmed with my ideas and lacking a clear strategy of my business, I decided to work with Dovile. What a great decision! She is just amazing, very knowledgable and professional. Working with her truly helped me to get clarity and pave the path I should follow. Now I have a clear action plan to turn my dream to reality!

Emilija Kotryna Trunovaite

I am a coach who always have million ideas and as a result, I just end up being stuck in a planning phase. Eventually, I got tired of this and decided it is time to change it! 

Dovile had given me action steps on how and where I should start and how I can stop this overwhelmed and get things moving.

Now, my offer and ideal customer avatar is clear and my social media presence gets people messaging me asking how they can work with me! 

Thea Sigrid Sanchez

I started working with Dovile being lost and with lots of ideas in the air. She not only helped me to put my business action plan and discussed each steps, but she also gave me tools, useful tips and, most importantly, confidence that I can do this. 

If anyone is thinking to start their business but feeling overwhelmed or struggling to find the right direction, I highly recommend connecting with Dovile. She puts all her knowledge, care and passion in you, she really wants you to succeed. Dovile is a brilliant coach and as the client I could not be happier for choosing her.
Agne Osipovaite

Working with Dovile is just the best investment! She is great at creating clear, actionable, step-by-step plan and bringing a massive clarity. I am feeling very motivated and full of new ideas to level up my business and personal brand. Highly recommend working with Dovile!

Krivos Gracijana

Dovile is the best coach I have ever encounter & got a chance to speak with & work with. She knows what she is doing, she knows how to get you going, she knows exactly what stands in your way & why you are stuck, and, she has a plan in place to push you forward right away.

I worked with other Business Coaches before. I invested a lot of money! Some of it paid of, some did not. I invested in coaches who did not care for my dreams, my goals and my vision to change people's life's, but cared about my money only.

With Dovile, it is a totally different story. She deeply listened to me from the first minute we connected. She felt my pain, she listened to my dreams and visions, she didn't even ask me to invest. But my SOUL literally asked me to invest in her because I knew return on investment will be for life.

She uplifted my confidence as a COACH, she made me believe in myself again, she helped to set a plan for my specific vision as a coach, she told me what works and what doesn't, she helped me to move the needle & get started.

As a coach, it is very important to be confident and trust yourself in being able to help others, and in being able to change life's. And, it is very important to have someone who has done it before & can help you do the same!

Dovile cares for YOUR vision. She is changing other people's life's daily & she cares to HELP YOU DO THE SAME!

If you ever wonder whether you should invest in her as a Coach - I would suggest you stop wondering and just give her a call. She CARES, and you will hear it.

Thank You, Dovile. I will invest in you again and again as I grow and evolve!

Inesa Scerbakova

Hiring Dovile was the best decision of my life. I had a dream to start my own business for a few years but I had no idea what action steps I should take. Dovile helped to create a very clear, step-by-step plan to turn my idea into reality. After working with her, I finally know exactly what I should do to achieve my goals and I am feeling so motivated and full of energy! I highly recommend hiring Dovile.

Lina Formalcikiene

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