Newsflash: Many of your potential clients are scouring the internet right now. 

They are done waiting and ready to invest, credit card in hand. Next minute, they land on your website/social media platform. 

Thoughts are running through their head as they are checking you out and just in a few seconds, they 1) press “contact me” button (yeyy!) or  2) leave disappointed that you aren’t “the one” (mehh).

Just a few seconds - that’s how much time you have to win your potential client over. 

So, is your online presence is doing all the heavy lifting for you to easily attract your ideal clients on “auto-pilot”? If your answer is anything between "not sure" to "absolutely not".... I’m here to support you every step of the way!

Together, we will build a solid personal brand foundation that allows you to clearly communicate your message, grow an audience across multiple platforms, build a real connection with your ideal customers, attract multiple visibility opportunities and maximise profits doing what you love.


  • You’re recognised as a “go-to” expert in your industry...

  • You easily get paid for your passion and value...

  • You effortlessly attract your ideal clients on auto-pilot...
  • Your audience ​know,​ ​like ​and ​trust ​you...

  • You feel confident and in total flow showing up online

  • You’re regularly featured in magazines, on podcasts and TV shows...
  • Your competitors become irrelevant because your customers want to work with you, not anybody else...

If you’re ready for all that​ and more,​ then I’m here to help make it your reality.

First, let's get this clear - you don't need to be famous to create a powerful personal brand.

And you don't need to spend hours on social media. 

Oh, and you really don't need to brag online about how amazing you are :) 

When working together, I will help you create a ​solid brand foundation​ and system that allows you to naturally attract an audience who can’t wait to work with you.

We will focus on what is special about YOU & your business.

And then, I will support you in presenting this to the world so you, your business and your bank accounts can ​skyrocket.



    • Know how to stand out among your competitors even in a very saturated market

    • Have a clear communication strategy across all your social media channels

    • Know exactly what, where and when to post effectively and efficiently

    • Feel totally confident selling online in a non-sleazy and aligned way

    • Attract your ideal customers & increase your sales

    • Consistently create a look and feel to your personal brand that is uniquely yours

    • Understand how to tell your story to attract media channels to feature you and get more people to know about you and what you offer



Pre - Session Discovery + Prep work - you will receive a little client onboarding questionnaire to complete before our session. Then I will work my magic and prepare notes, suggestions and ideas. This will make sure that that we arrive prepared and get the most of our time together!


One 2 Hours Strategy Session - you will receive Google Meet link before our session. Make sure your wifi connection is good and you can concentrate in a quiet space. You will end a session with clear action steps to take next & your full personal brand communication strategy.



1 Month Follow-up Support & My Signature Workbook - you’ll will receive my signature Personal Branding Workbook that will help you to implement all you learned. You'll also have an access to me for 1 month for any additional questions that you might have after our session. I will make sure that you move forward confidently!

That's what you will learn:

Step One - Your Authentic Personal Brand Foundation

Let’s get clear on YOUR unique selling point. Using my signature 5 Pillows of Personal Brand Clarity, we will build a rock solid foundation to build and grow from.

You will feel crystal clear on your personal brand values, core messaging and know exactly how to stand out, no matter how competitive your market is.

Step Two - Current Online Presence Review

It can be very hard to see the holes in your own business. This is where the power of a coach comes in.

I will review everything you’re currently doing and identify specifically what needs to be improved. From there, we will create a clear action plan and system so you know exactly how to move forward with confidence (and results!)

Say goodbye to spending hours creating content, only to see very little pay off. After this session, you will be a content creation BOSS.

Step Three - Social Media Content Strategy That Converts

Content creation doesn’t actually have to be complicated.

There’s a reason why some personal brands quickly grow at an accelerated pace and others just flat line. Those that do well are using a very specific system to create that kind of growth. Would you like to know the ins and outs of that system? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here for! I’ll show you the 3 types of content (yes, there’s only 3!) you need to focus on and how each of them will support your growth and brand expansion. 

Then, we will dive into my content batching secrets so you create your month's worth of content in just a few hours. The best part? This will be the exact content that will immediately make your audience to press that "contact me" button and enquire to work with you.

Step Four - Your Visual Brand Identity

Are you feeling that your visual identity is all over the place, lacking consistency or simply doesn't reflect your unique personality?

Get ready to become crystal clear on the exact look and feel of your brand. And I’ll support you in creating a consistent look that is authentically yours and most importantly, attracts the type of audience you want to work with.

This includes choosing right colours, fonts and the overall look and feel of your brand.

Lastly, we will get ready for your ever first personal branding photoshoot - you will know exactly how to prepare for it and what pictures you need to elevate your personal brand.

Step Five - Community Growth & Publicity Strategy

Press, TV, radio, podcasts, guests blogging, public speaking...there are so many wonderful PR opportunities out there that can help you spread your message far and wide. PLUS, increase your visibility. Together, we will map out the specific PR opportunities that will be best for your growth goals. And you’ll feel confident knowing exactly how to attract various visibility opportunities that will really help you attract your ideal followers and customers.

Optional - Visuals, Website, Photography

If you would like to uplevel your online visual identity, website or personal branding, then I would love to support you. We live in a visual world and people make an instant judgement based on your brand’s overall aesthetic. We want to make sure they react positively!

I’d love to share my team of talented graphic designers, photographers and stylists so your brand is at the top of its game.


Let the world discover your brilliance

You can either:

Book your strategy sessions right now - investment is 300€

(payment plans available)

After reserving time you will immediately receive a questionnaire and all the further information via e-mail.


Send me a message and ask any questions that you need to clarify before booking a session - I am happy to help!

Clients' love


No one could explain personal branding strategies as clearly and easily as Dovile does!

I hired her to create a strategy for my personal brand and Dovile was prepared very well, she made enormous research for my business and gave examples which I needed.

Also, she explained how to change my business plan very clearly - in three easy steps it got clear how I can grow my business. Dovile motivated and supported me - she is just amazing!

Milda Glebute

I was overwhelmed, lacking confidence and totally unsure of myself and my abilities to build a successful business and a recognisable personal brand.

Dovile gave me so much knowledge and that necessary push to start my personal brand.

Today I am a successful beautician having my calendar fully booked and my clients include top celebrities. I feel to happy the way my career and personal brand is growing! Thank you, Dovile! 

Sarmite Vidzemniece

Dovile is amazing at what she is doing. She has truly helped me to gain clarity and pave the path I should follow.

Before our sessions, I was lost, confused, overwhelmed and unsure which strategy I should implement next. But then I realised - the best way to figure it all out is to invest in extracting knowledge and guidance from experienced person who can help you with this frustration - Dovile!

I know it is all up to me what kind of results I will gain, but the energy and clarity she brings to the table is hard to put in words.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Emilija Kotryna Trunovaite

"If you're an entrepreneur who wants to build a personal brand and position yourself properly to attract more opportunities for you and your business... you need to contact Dovile. She is THE best in the industry. She is sure to provide crystal clear action steps how to achieve your big goals!

Karolina Barasneviciute

Lost in your personal branding building journey? Well, then you need to contact Dovile right now!

Working together, we got really clear on the exact steps I need to take to grow my personal brand and reach my goals. No more frustration trying to put it all together myself - now I know EXACTLY what to do next!

Kornelija Tocionyte

After hearing so many other fellow entrepreneurs recommending Dovile, I used to contact her, too.

And you know what? It was the best decision ever! At first I wasn’t sure about my plans, steps that I should take, and even about myself. 

Two hours just flew by! But I got finished a strategy session with clear plan for my personal brand. What I have to do, why I have to do it. What I can do the best!

Dovile is such a beautiful person! She’s full of energy! Very nice and polite.. it’s so easy to talk with her! Oh, and I feel tons of support from her even after consultation!!

I can highly recommend Dovile as a professional coach, a nice person and a successful example to follow!
Best wishes to you Dovile!

Paulina Ieva Darija

I am truly happy such people as Dovilė exists!  She has such a warm and relaxing vibe, I felt fully safe having consultations with her. Oh, and this decision to ask her help was probably one of the best in my career.
I literally invested my last money here, and would repeat it again and again, no doubts. Honestly, I did not believe someone can help me to make a plan and vision of what I have to do. How can someone else help if even I don’t know what to do myself.
But Dovilė just came and put everything into place. I am serious, now I see where my heart should go, I ALREADY have amazing results (in 2 weeks after the consultation), and my motivation is on top!

Asta Vaicekaviciute

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